Help Princess Hannah Schacherer with her donation efforts!  She is doing a Donation Drive for Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, MN.  Items will be accepted at the Community Education through Friday, May 18 and then the night of the "Sponsor-A-Child" fundraising event, "Mother-Son Knight" on Saturday, May 19 where Princess Hannah will be presented the donations.  Check out the lists below for ideas on donation items!  For more information or to attend the event, click here

​Princess Courtney Smith
Sponsor: Agri-Systems/Systems West, Inc.
Parents: Dennis & Jennie Smith

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Princess Hannah Schacherer
Sponsor: The Jason Tibbits

​State Farm Agency
Parents: Brent & Juliana Schacherer

2017-2018 Royalty

Miss Litchfield Maddy Larson
Sponsor: Towmaster

Parents: Jeremy & Michelle Larson